Welcome to Virtual UR! We are glad you are here.

In anticipation of our most recent exciting event — a joint presentation during the Frameless Labs Research Symposium by one of our cofounders and our friends at RIT — we are releasing a video of the Virtual UR experience so everyone can enjoy the magic of Minecraft and virtual reality. Enjoy!

A multimedia slideshow of the Virtual UR experience, from the project’s creation to today!

In sharing our story, we hope you experience the same creative discovery that led our team to form several months ago!

Installing Virtual Elevators and Lifts

The Virtual UR development team took on a complicated project this week – creating and implementing a design for functioning elevators in the virtual Minecraft…
An image of Rocky on the wall with a virtual tour guide facing it.

Virtual UR Grand Opening

The Virtual UR Grand Opening included a tour and the public opening of the Minecraft world. Not long after opening, emotional notes poured in from…