What is the Minecraft server address?

The server IP address is virtualur.mcserver.io and the Minecraft version is 1.18.2.

I can’t connect to the server, it says it requires a “port” number. What am I missing?

Please see the Minecraft Server section of our site for more information about connecting to the server. If you’re playing Minecraft on a console (Xbox, Playstation, etc.) or a mobile phone, you’re most likely using the “Bedrock Edition” or “Pocket Edition” of Minecraft, which our server is not compatible with. Note: Bedrock Edition can also be played on PC but still will not work for accessing the server. Our server can only be accessed from the “Java Edition” of Minecraft using Windows/Mac/Linux. If you are using Java Edition and are still having trouble accessing the Virtual UR world, please let us know!

Is Virtual UR an official project of the University of Rochester?

No. This is not an official university-sponsored initiative, it is an independent student project. We are grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement of many staff, faculty, and administrators at the university.

Can I be a developer with you?

We’ve received an overwhelming number of requests to add world developers. To help manage the edits, right now our core team is concentrating on getting the initial world ready for groups who would like to host virtual commencement activities.

Why a virtual commencement?

We recognize that a virtual commencement is not the same as being there in person, and this project is in no way an attempt to replace an official UR commencement ceremony. We are tremendously sad that the senior class won’t get to have the ceremony they’ve been looking forward to, and we wish we could be together in person to honor your incredible achievements. This is one gift we can offer from afar to remind you that all your UR friends love and support you. We want you to feel special and recognized during this uncertain time. We didn’t get to say goodbye and give you a proper sendoff, so please accept this gesture not as a substitute but rather as our sincere expression of congratulations and friendship.

Will virtual commencement activities only be in Minecraft?

We plan to facilitate a variety of virtual experiences to allow everyone in the UR Class of 2020 and their families and friends to participate. As we work out details with various partners at the university, we will post event options on our Events page.