Goergen Athletic Center: A 2021 Special

The Virtual UR 2021 Special honors the University of Rochester Class of 2021, including all the amazing community members and ideas that brought us together during an unusual year. Up first, we’re spotlighting the Goergen Athletic Center and all those who use it!

It goes without saying that this year was like no other. Adjustments and cancellations for sports seasons and recreational activities at the Goergen Athletic Center were among the many changes to campus life. Student athletes from the Class of 2021 spent their senior year without the usual fans and spectators to cheer them on. Several traditional student gathering spaces had to be limited in use or hours so COVID-19 testing could take place.

But, in true University of Rochester fashion, students found creative ways to build school spirit, exercise, and connect with friends despite these challenges. Our rendition of the GAC is dedicated to those students: the athletes, employees, and friends that persevered to make this year special. We will forever cheer you on. Go jackets!

Thanks to the hard work of one of our team’s graduating developers, we have this stunning view of Goergen Athletic Center (left) and parts of the Wilson Quad, Wilson Commons, and Rush Rhees Library. Students often take this path to walk to campus. Isn’t it beautiful?

The rendition even includes the GAC parking lot…with a lot fewer cars than are normally parked there!

Come check out the GAC and surrounding area on our Minecraft server today! Bee strong!